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We posted about Yahtzee’s Mogworld earlier, and it got us thinking. Games based on books? Yeah, we’ve got plenty. Books based on games? Hmm, not so much. But what sort of books to gamers enjoy anyway? What books are good enough to tear you away from your favourite hobby?

As a once avid reader, it’s a shame that I find there’s just no time to open up a book anymore. The fact is, there’s just too many damn good games coming out. So let’s continue a discussion started by Dan Staines when he was here not too long ago.

Now, we’re not just talking the latest sci-fi, or classics like LOTR (although those are good too). Moreso, if you’ve read a book and ever thought, “Man, this is made for an FPS player!” or something similar, post it. I’ll start us off:

Ender’s Game – This book is every RTS player’s dream. A young genius attends an advanced school where the most important thing is “the game”. It tests and trains the students in military tactics, aiming to one day identify a prodigy that could be used as a weapon. I’m not sure how easy this one is to find these days…

Masters of Doom – A true story that couldn’t be better if you made it up. This one tells the tale of John Carmack and John Romero – their pasts, how they met, the formation of id Software and the creation of the FPS genre. On the way, it connects its main story with the rise of gaming culture – and so it should. The two Johns are so alike yet so different, so compatible, yet eventually clash. If you know about id Software, it’s a bit like watching the Titanic in terms of knowing the ending. But that doesn’t spoil a great story, wonderfully told.

How about you?


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