Kotaku Matchmaker: Far Cry 2

Aussie online gamers know that any online game is best enjoyed with, well... other Aussies. To ensure your weekend online gaming is as lag-free as possible, every Friday we'll be hosting the Kotaku Matchmaker, where you can meet new friends online!

We'll be theming each Matchmaker around a specific game, but you can check back in the archive of older titles below. And feel free to suggest a totally different game in the comments, if that's what you're planning to play this weekend.

This week it's the turn of Far Cry 2!


Actually, I'm letting you off the leash. In fact, since I'm leaving, I'm throwing away the leash entirely. So, go nuts, pick any game you want on any platform!

All you need to do is leave your Xbox Live gamertag, your PSN ID, your Steam ID, or whatever other crazy details you care to reveal in the comments below. Mention a bit about yourself, too, anything that'll help other players decide if you're really a good match.

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    Mech Commander Gold anyone?

    It's been a while since i last fired that bad boy up...

      bahaha I saw that and thought wow I haven't played that for like a decade... next thought was could I get it to work.. but should I dare to try it apparently I would not be alone.. look people are still asking for support!:



        well it's free for anyone that wants to play it :P

          I freaking love that game!

          Too bad my pc is dead, buried, cremated.
          *it had all of the Work Choices plans on it*

    Alrighty. I know I've added a few of you folks on Xbox Live before, but I keep losing track of who is who (it'd be lovely if XBL let you add notes for friends). Main thing though is I would like to flesh out my PS3s list (it has two people on there at the moment). If this is the only place I list, then I know everyone on there is from Kotaku. Right? Well, it makes sense to me.

    XBL: budgieishere
    PSN: budgieisthere (some dude in Italy had budgieishere - first time it's ever happened to me o.O)
    SteamID: budgieishere (rarely used)

    Been jumping between a lot of things lately, from Scott Pilgrim to Uncharted 2, MW2 and PixelJunk Racers. Come mid September though I'll be just stuck in Reach, so if you're up for some Aussie Reach action hit me up. :)

      Ooooh, Uncharted 2! My PSN is NotoriousR (funnily enough), anyone else feel free to add me. Just say you're from Kotaku in the message invite though.

    I think i need to break Far Cry 2 out again. Such an awesome game.

    So... Far Cry 2 for everyone?

      i would but... uhmm... i don't own it...

      ... you don't think that's why goose is leaving do you??..

      ...my god... IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!! :'(

        Technically I don't know what worse, but perhaps we're equal...

        I do own it, the Collector's Edition in fact... and it's never entered the console...

    Im finally trying to get through MW2 Spec Ops on PS3. Anyone keen?

    PSN: step_hen_stone

    I would totally play some Far Cry 2 online with you, David.

    I'll be playing Super Street Fighter IV tonight.

    Add me at PSN: thekingsman123

    So I got FC2 like, a year or more after release, and when I had a night and played it with my mate, via matchmaking we were in some no-doubt Aussie matches, but all the maps were horrible Counter-Strike-custom-map affairs. Like, a tiny TINY graveyard surrounded by a warren of buildings, and another all "underground" that made no sense.

    What happened to the cool expansive African deathmatches? So yeah, basically we got to the party quite late, and found it had turned into a drug session...

    I didn't even realise Far Cry 2 _had_ multiplayer!

    I'm doing some work with the mob at the moment...
    but add me anyway, we can work something out later.
    Xbox: Banderdash (just mention Kotaku in the message).

      Did you change your gamertag recently James? It popped up on Live one evening and I was like "I'm sure I would remember adding someone with a gt like that.."

        I think it was Blue Sardonyx before.

          I did and it was.

          I got tired of American children on COD:MW2 asking me what the hell it was.

    You nearly had me dusting off the FC2 disc.

    If there are any Aussie PS3 owners wanting some FC2 nostalgia, PSN: calvinium

    Wouldn't mind some locals for some UC2 from time to time either, instead of playing with the euro-trash I seem to always get stuck with

    Can't guarantee I'll be on tonight tho. Have a catch-up Japanese lesson early Saturday (eeeevil!) that I haven't studied for yet

    Also, I'm Shatterfront on both XBL and Steam. I'll probably be hitting up Bad Company 2 and Halo 3 on XBL and TF2 or L4D2 on Steam.

      Bring on Reach!

      I wouldn't mind getting a regular firefight group together.

    PSN: truncheon

    I need more Aussie gamers on my list. Time zones suck.

    Damn I would of been up for some FC2. Have fun guys!.

    "To ensure your weekend online gaming is as lag-free as possible"... or you could just play on the PC with a local dedicated server. Duh.

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