Kotaku's Top 5 List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a round-up of the rundowns out there.

Top 10 Samus Cosplays [VGChartz]This guy did not make the list.

Top 10 Reasons Why PAX Is Better Than E3 [The Kartel]Hard for me to comment, since I've been to E3 but not PAX. I'd say the fact you don't have to know someone in the industry to get in is a big plus, although that restriction seems to be increasingly a formality down in LA. Cab fare and hotel rates probably are better in Seattle too.

The 50 Best Mario Video Games of All Time [Complex]A comprehensively researched list that excludes "compilation titles, ports, games not released in the US and remakes" still finds 50 in the series that are worth a mention. Super Mario Bros is not no.1, or no.2 or no.3. It's no. 4.

Top 10 Games That Don't Need An Internet Connection [Planet Xbox 360]If your internet's out or like mine is getting the shit throttled out of it by Comcast, here are 10 games that do alright by themselves without a connection. You have to figure any console RPG is good here. Curious that Fallout 3 wasn't on the scene. BioShock is no. 1.

Top 10 Gaming Franchises That Should Die [Joystick Division]The only real case that's made is for the demise of Kane & Lynch and Sonic, which have both well underperformed expectations for anything deserving another sequel. The rest boils down to "It's a series that's had a bunch of sequels and made a ton of money." Because that's always a good reason for a franchise to die.


    Surprised to not see Arkham Asylum on the "Top 10 Games That Don’t Need An Internet Connection" list. Bad Company 2? That game that's heavily focused on multiplayer? Alright.

      More worrying is that several are XBLA titles... which need an internet connection to download.

        Yes.. a very flawed and quite frankly idiotic list... *sigh*

        Bravo Planet Xbox 360

        Also - yay PAX... we shall be together some day.. *sniff*

    On the cosplays list, the one second from the bottom was the best; AWESOME! :D

    Very nice lists, except for the games without internet one.

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