Left 4 Dead Loves Dead Rising 2

Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 team gives Capcom a little love today with this image, hidden inside a blog post on the release of part three of The Sacrifice digi-comic. Then Chuck Greene shows up.

Valve has no qualms about broadcasting its love for other games, especially when it comes to the Dead Rising series. Frank West got a cameo of sorts in Left 4 Dead's The Passing downloadable content, after all, so it makes sense that the second helping from Capcom would score a little love as well.

Not only does Valve offer up this love letter, cleverly hidden behind an exclamation point, they also give Chuck himself a shout-out in the pages of the comic, seen below.

If two game companies can't whether the zombie apocalypse together, then what hope does the rest of humanity have? Perhaps one day we'll all gather 'round the television to play a rousing game of Left 4 Dead Rising.

The Sacrifice Comic Part 3 [Left 4 Dead Blog - Thanks Ego!]


    Left 4 Dead Rising would be awesome. I'm picturing an FPS set in a mall or somthing where you have to run around and rescue survivors and you can pick up pretty much everything and use it to kill zombies. There would be psychopaths running around as well as L4D SI.

    I love the fact that while other games in the same genre as one another compete against each other, games in the zombie genre pay respect to one another. I think it mist be due to the fact that zombie fans will buy all zombie games, our obsession demands it. Seeing the RDR zombie teaser poster brought tears of joy to me.

    Then again, one game is co-operative to a fault with linear multiplayer gameplay and one is a sandbox with optional co-operative gameplay.

    They are dissimilar enough to be almost completely different, but nonetheless it's really cool to see Valve do something like this. It would never happen, but if they both came together to make something it would be very interesting.

    Its good to see support from a developer a big as Valve.

    While the products aren't competing it makes good sense for valve to do this. Public respects them more and the other dev's like them aswell.

    Frank West (He's covered wars, you know) was in one of The Passings maps, having scrawled a message to Otis on one of the walls.

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