Left 4 Dead's 'The Sacrifice' Goes Live

Valve's sequel-spanning digital comic that explains just what happened to Left 4 Dead's original Survivors, dubbed "The Sacrifice" is yours for the reading. How do things go so horribly wrong between the original game and "The Passing"? Well, Tanks.

Part one of "The Sacrifice", part of Valve's new cross-game story arc plans, offers us plenty of blood and guts, plus a peek at a few new characters. I won't spoil it, just read it yourself, if you're a Left 4 Dead fan.

The Sacrifice [L4D.com]


    Every time I play The Passing with a certain friend, he always defiles Bill's body by stealing his Assault Rifle.
    The boy has no respect, hmph.

      Funny, I do that, but not to defile his body. I just want to use his weapon to help finish what he started. *Salutes Bill*

    Dammit, that's the thing I hate about comics, you always have to wait for the next part!

      Yeah but 44 pages in one go? And 3 more parts to come? Bloody fantastic!

    Not saying I'm "Mr. Comic Book", but I thought it was a pretty woeful comic.

    I just feel they missed the mark a great deal with this one.
    Although the Louis stuff was good.

    I thought it was absolutely amazing. Great art and it gave characters who, I thought, had no personality some great grounding. Can't wait for more!

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