Legless Marathon's Underground Final Fantasy XIV Adventure

During the Final Fantasy XIV beta stress test, a tiny Lalafell named Legless Marathon fell through the world. It was the beginning of a grand adventure.

Normally, falling through the world would be a bad thing, but little Legless here has a grand old time. He does battle with vicious creatures that can't technically touch him. He critiques the world's construction. He strips off his clothing and declares himself Jesus.

Another player might have cursed Square Enix for creating a shoddy game, or simply teleported to safety, free from the grip of physics-twisting code problems. Not Legless.

I think the video serves as a pleasant reminder that games like Final Fantasy XIV are supposed to be fun. Just because a toy is broken doesn't mean there isn't entertainment value left in it.


    agghh look out. its the snapping shrew...

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