(LEGO) Thor Is Here!

While Blizzard and LEGO continue to sleep on what would surely be a trillion-dollar industry, it's left to fans to come up with their own brick-based creations based on Starcraft II.

This amazing Thor was put together by the talented Sven Junga, who has left no detail unattended in recreating Starcraft II's most Austrian of units.

[Sven Junga @ Flickr, via Super Punch]


    That is just too cool

    Is there anything Lego cant do?!

    No Super Thor version?
    It needs wings


      Seriously...blizzard is missing out on tons of cash by not giving us lego Starcraft and starcraft transformers.... Who wouldnt want a fully transforming seige tank and viking.

      I imagine transfroming viking with a GIJOE sized action figure that you can put in the cockpit, same deal with the seige tank. OH and thor too, and marines, marauders and firebats etc. Morphing zergs such as hydra to lurkers, zerlings to baneling..the list goes on.

        I read 'fully transformable siege tank'... I think I wet my panties...


    Now! Now! Now!

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