Let Milla Jovovich Explain The Resident Evil Film Franchise's Popularity

Love them or hate them, the Resident Evil films make money. The series has taken in over US$378 million worldwide. There must be a reason for this. According to actress Milla Jovovich, there is.

"Resident Evil has always been an independent movie, which I think is very special about it. It's not a studio concoction," Jovovich tells Reuters. "We started as a tiny, little European action film, and everybody involved, Paul, myself and Michelle Rodriguez, were into the game."

A tiny European action film with a US$30 million dollar budget, starring a movie star and produced by the some of the biggest producers in Europe. Oh, it also had a soundtrack featuring Marilyn Manson. Granted, $US30 million isn't the inflated budgets of today, but it wasn't chump change for its time.

"People are smart today," Jovovich continues. "They know when you're lying to them. They know when you're trying to pull one over on them, and we're not trying to pull anything over on anybody."

Previously, Jovovich said they continue to make Resident Evil movies because they turn a profit. She also said she wasn't really a gamer, but "definitely more of a book person".

A Minute With: Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil [Reuters][Pic]


    “People are smart today,”

    The people who enjoy the Resident Evil movies aren't.

      They're not deep or meaningfull cinema or anything but they're fun action movies. And you know what fuck it, some times it's just fun to watch a fun silly action movie and enjoy an hour and a half.

      I do not get the hate against the first RE movie and the mario bros movie. the First RE movie was actually pretty fucking decent and light years better than any other video game based movie. they aint spielberg quality but hell i doubt spielberg or even james cameron would beable to create a movie based on a game that would be appeal to both the mainstream and hardcore alike.

      That's a gross generalisation. I like the Resident Evil movies (as some mindless zombie killing action fun), and I'm smart.

      And I know I'm not the only one.

        "...and I'm smart"
        Sorry dude, no offence but that makes me lol a bit.
        Not because I don't think you're smart, I have no idea who you are or about your intellectual capacity but that just read as funny to me.

      Sometimes smart people enjoy dumb things. That doesn't stop them from being smart.

      Excuse me?

      People who enjoy some brainless zombie entertainment aren't smart?

      well you is... also not brain-thinky-smart... uhh.. your face is dumb!

      Some of just enjoy zombie movies. Not our fault there hasn't really been any good ones since Shaun of the Dead. :(

      Neither are you

      i dunno given the experience i had with RE5 (namely it was craptacular) i don't think you can fault them

      the movies in and of themselves are decent action/zombie its just that the fact that it has RE tied to it that it gets knocked down some more

      it's kinda good to see that they forged their own story as opposed to carbon copy the games and just have certain set pieces as inspiration

    The RE movies have never been extremely good but I've enjoyed them all for what they are, violent and stupid modern exploitation films that provide a quickly forgotten mindless thrill.

    Geek's these days are way too snobby. Back in my day (late 80's early 90's) we'd rent out every schlocky B movie video our local store had and enjoy the hell out of them. They weren't all 'Aliens' but there was plenty to like, a favourite was Dark Angel starring Dolph Lundgren fighting a huge albino alien drug dealer who shot CD's at people, and it was awesome!

    Instead of disparaging the junior geeks of today who are into Resident Evil and generally acting like snobby douches (or that fat guy from The Simpsons) we senior geekerati should be saying, "Well if you liked that you're going to love: Army of Darkness, Dawn of the Dead, The Thing, etc.

    Pretty sure it was the boobs that did it.
    oh and the zombies. Boobs and zombies.

    Milla Jovovich is a ditz. Seriously, go watch a video interview of her and she's nowhere near the intelligent, powerful and sophisticated woman she seems in photo shoots and movies.

    And you know what? I don't give a damn. I still think she's hot as hell. =D

    I don't see why people hate these movies so much... I thought they were all great. Cool action scenes, great music, cheesy dialogue, they didn't try to copy the games. Awesome stuff >.<

    I had a long and thoughtful post about the Resident Evil movies and there place in the modern B movie genre and how geeks should stop being snobs.

    So this is a shorter post to say the Resident Evil movies are all good stupid fun and worth seeing.

    meanwhile they make another in the franchise just so they can jump on the 3D bandwagon.

    what ever.

    I've liked all the movies.

    i enjoy the re movies and im alot smarter than you.
    So what your point?

    "[Jovovich] also said she wasn’t really a gamer, but “definitely more of a book person”."

    Yes, because gamers don't read books.

      I think you're taking offense where there is none.
      She doesn't play games so much as she likes to read books.

      There is nothing wrong with her statement. I say this as both a book reader and a gamer.

    Wow...I'm glad I have a crush on Leeloo and not Milla. Her logic is just...wow.
    (And her choice in jobs is even worse!)

    I,d watch Milla kick snow off a mushroom!....hahhh

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