Let's Look At Damaged Gran Turismo 5 Cars

Gran Turismo 5 features car damage - a first for the series. Does developer Polyphony Digital do, dare I say, a bang-up job?

The picture quality isn't great (photos taken off a television screen), but they do provide a look at how the game handles car damage.

At August's Gamescom convention in Germany, Kotaku had a chance to check out GT5's car damage.

These latest photos, however, provide what appears to be a more extensive look.

GT5 Screens pictures by Asane99 - Photobucket [Photobucket - Thanks Asane!]


    Looks nice but can we get this clarified: didn't the gt5 people say only certain cars could be damaged?

      As far as i know (Dont quote me for the truth here) that there are two categories of cars, Premium and standard. Premium cars have the full on, realistic damage while the standard cars have a simulated damage.

        That's right, the Premium cars also have fully detailed interiors :)

        Check it:

    wow thats bad. looks like the model is made of clay and has been squashed, with the texture just stretched and morphed to fit the new shape.

      I agree mate!

      Not the most convincing damage model but maybe its less noticeable in full motion... critiquing stills of motion graphics from realtime render engines shouldn't be compared to stills of the pre-rendered kind.

    It looks like they've gone for a dynamic deformation approach rather than model damaged versions of sections of the car and interpolate towards those where appropriate. Looks terrible.

    mmm good to see damage in a game like this... but some of that looks pretty average... heres hoping it looks better when actually playing it :)

    I'm still looking forward to GT5, but that damage looks terrible.

    Houston we have a problem...

    No really, that damage modelling looks HORRIBLE. If its like this in the final game I hope I am able to turn it off.

    Looks awful.

    They're just doing mesh deformation, rather than removing/adding components. That's really cheap, and stupid-looking.

    Yuck... looks like they've been melted in a fire rather than damaged in a collision. Especially that first one.

    I guess they had to do it procedurally rather than model it for each car due to the number of cars? Personally I'd rather have fewer cars and have it done right. Better not complain too loud, though, or they might delay it for another year to re-do the damage model...

    I know manufacturors hate having their cars banged up in videogames, but if this is the price GT5 had to pay for some of their licences... maybe they should have said no.

    You can hear the hysterical laughing coming out of Turn 10 Studios from miles away, cos for real, the damage in Forza 2 (let alone 3) looked better than this.

    I guess I have to ask here - has there been any attempt to confirm that these screens are actually genuine? There is the faint whiff of photoshoppery hanging around these...

    Who thinks these are fake just like the loading times video a while back?

    For the games sake, I do hope they are fake.

    I think the point of damage modelling is more the effect on the vehicle and less about how it looks, to stop the old pinballing around the corners thing. But this looks terrible.

    They aren't fake they're from a Demo that has been released around US retailers.

    Im calling fake.. these look like total ass!

    Who is Asane and why is his photobucket account considered a credible source?

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