Let's TGS: Day One!

The Tokyo Game Show doesn't kick off officially until later tonight Eastern time, but already there's been plenty of news from the likes of Electronic Arts, Capcom and Tecmo.

Here's a look back at the day leading up to the big Tokyo show:

See Japan Crumble (In 3D!!!) In Disaster Report 4 Ico, Shadow of the Colossus Confirmed For PS3 Re-release New Yakuza Game Features Zombies Valkyria Chronicles 3 Is Coming To The PSP The Tokyo Game Show Website Tour Resident Evil Creator's New Horror Game Is Called... Gal☆Gun Is The Xbox 360's Cutest or Creepiest Japanese 'Shooter' Yup, Alice Is Definitely Crazy In Alice: Madness Returns EA Shows Off Its First Nintendo 3DS Game, My Garden First Shadows Of The Damned Screens, Concept Art Shadows Of The Damned's First Trailer Frank West Returns In New Dead Rising Title New Capcom Slasher Is The God Of War Of The East There Is A Fifth Devil May Cry Game New Devil May Cry's Debut Trailer Team Ninja Reveals Its Next Games: Ninja Gaiden 3, Ni-Oh Capcom Likes Dead Rising 2 Dev So Much They Bought Them This Will Get You Drunk Mega Man In Candy Form


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