Let's TGS: Day Three

Our past day's coverage of the Tokyo Game Show includes chatting with Peter Molyneux about a potential Fable Movie, chatting with American McGee about the Alice movie and an examination of PixelJunk Lifelike.

And there's plenty more to read about as well.

Here's a run down of day three of the show. You can find day one here and day two here.

Alice Creator On Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland What *Is* PixelJunk Lifelike, Anyway? What Car Should I Buy? New NeverDead Trailer Adds Some Laughs To Tokyo Game Show How Did Zombies Invade Sega's Japanese Gangster Game? Another Reason to Read Our TGS Coverage This Weekend Shooting High School Girls With My Pheromone Shot In Gal Gun Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Has A Super Long Trailer Gran Turismo 5 Screenshot Overkill What Do George W. Bush And Kill Bill Have In Common? Ni No Kuni Looks Just As Good On DS Experiencing Michael Jackson Deus Ex Learns Japanese, Gets Trigger-Happy What Does Devil May Cry's Creator Think Of The Series' New Look? Hands On With Shaun White Skateboading In 3D Gran Turismo 5 Brings The Great Outdoors Inside What Are The Chances Of A Fable Movie? The Final Fantasy Trailers You Weren't Supposed To See Nothing Like Getting Rice And An Alarm Clock Let's Take Another Look at Neverdead


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