Lionhead Goes To War... Cake War

When two tribes go to war, delicious cake is all you can score. With Fable III due out next month, the developers at Lionhead Studios turn their attentions from making kings to baking things in an all-out Cake War.

From Xbox 360 controller button cupcakes to a partial Companion Cube, the fine folks at Lionhead show us that their skills aren't limited to game development, creating a wide variety of cake and cake-related goodness. These and other delectable creations are now open for judgment on the Fable development blog, giving fans a chance to pick their favourite creation in the comment section.

Being in a simple mood this morning, I'm officially throwing my support behind the controller button cupcakes. They could have been executed better, but the concept is solid and bite-sized.

Lionhead Cake War [Lionhead Studios]


    How you guys coming with that Kinect intergration?

    What? Cakes?

    What? Unboxing videos?

    Get back to work.

    Kinect? you mean that thing that won't be released until a month after Fable 3?

    Hohum, I guess people don't like seeing them fun

    I too would like to complain about the influx of cakes.

    I too would like to complain about the influx of cakes and any future cake content.

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