Look Ma, Super Street Fighter IV With One Hand

Aided by a standard-issue Street Fighter IV FightStick, this guy pulls off all of Ryu's Trials in Super Street Fighter IV - using one hand. And he collects the achievement for it, to boot.

YouTube user biffotasty filmed himself doing this over the course of 30 minutes. Trials "21 and 24 were the hardest, almost made me reconsider trying to do it, but then I realised that I was hardcore". And so he is.

Now. What was he doing with his other hand? Hmmmm?

[via Joystiq]


    Wish I could play games with one hand, SOOOOOOO Jealous!

    Can he play against himself? One hand for P1 and one for P2. That'd be awesome!

    Way too much time on his hand...

      hahah I see what you did there!

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