LunchTimeWaster: Do The Dinosaur

This is why I love flash games. This one involves a T-Rex on a treadmill jumping over spikes while the Wheel of Fortune spins through multi-coloured disco beams. Oh yes!

Treadmillasaurus Rex - as it is so obviously called - taps into the same kind of absurdist magic that made Robot Unicorn Attack such a special treat.

Jump the spikes while avoiding the lasers! Look out for the Wheel of Fortune changing up the rules! Whoa, now the treadmill's moving faster! Now it's in reverse! Now there's confetti everywhere!

It is madness. Genius madness.

Treadmillasaurus Rex [Armor Games]


    now THAT is what a lunch time waster is all about... man did i ever have a big hat!!!

    Totally amazing game. My boss didn't even get angry when he saw me playing it before lunch, he just asked for the address!

    That was completely awesome. The pure insanity was just amazing. Thanks for the link!

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