LunchTimeWaster: Hydro Madness

LunchTimeWaster: Hydro Madness

When wasting time at lunch, it doesn’t always have to be with some innovative indie game. Today it’s just simple, old-fashioned 2D deathmatch. In Madness Hydraulic, you control a robot ninja that can pick up guns. Nice and simple. How many waves of baddies can you get through?


  • its a pity this game doesnt run as smooth as it could, also gets nearly impossible at later stages when you have 10+ enemies at once all with weapons that knock you down, bit hard to shoot back if youre on your back 90% of the time 7/10

  • Robot Ninja? o.O Have you watched anything to do with the Madness series? lol XD

    I found this to be a lot of fun when I played it a while back. I love krinkels original work.

    Every now and again a good game like this using his style shines through the filth of “Mods” of ONE Madness Day game from a while back. 😀

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