LunchTimeWaster: My Kind Of Craft

StarCraft? Pfft. WarCraft? No thank you. Spellcraft? Witchcraft? Nonsense. The only craft that matters is Minecraft. Let's all play it!

"Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that."

At least that's how one-man development machine Notch describes it. In effect, Minecraft is a giant, procedurally generated sandbox stuffed to the brim with resources and tools with which you can shape and sculpt the world for as long as your imagination keeps firing.

Also, there are skeletons who will attack you.

You can play an older, simpler version called Minecraft Classic for free in your browser (though you may need to install Java). In this version you are given a stack of premade blocks (from stone to glass and brick) to set about building with - no mining necessary. There are even multiplayer servers up and running if you all want to give it a go together.

I'd thoroughly recommend paying the ten Euros though and getting hold of the latest alpha version. Notch has added a raft of new features since making the browser version available and continues to roll out surprising updates each week. The latest alpha build is almost unrecognisable from Minecraft Classic.

Minecraft [site]


    The only people who talk about minecraft more than you David is a group of dedicated students in my class. They can't get enough of this stuff. That and Runescape

      Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft!

      ...people still care about/play runescape?!?!

        They do if they are in the 10-14 age bracket and don't have the money to be WoW addicts.

      I asked about it on page one of talk amongst yourselves this week :P

      Few of my friends have spent the better part of the last 3 weeks playing it.

    I love Minecraft, I've help build a pirate ship, A Kraken attacking the Pirate ship, a couple of castles and towers. So great.

    Sounds like Mein kampf

    Everybody should play this. Its amazing.


    Nice. Although I know I've spent much, much more than an hour playing this :P

    Yep, I love this game, even paid the price online :)

    It's addictive and a lot of fun, but I must admit I have neglected it for a while... I like the unlimited creative mode rather than the modes where you have to spend hours collecting materials, etc... I even made a big mansion with a secret passage to an underwater lair! Took me like four hours. Bad-ass. :p

    About bloody time you brought up Minecraft; I've been playing for months.

    Best $13 i have spent on a game in a LOONNGGGG time. There is a huge community for minecraft, and its updated weekly. Its amazing fun, and god i hate the nighttimes lol. Awesome survival sanbox.

    I bought Minecraft and run a multiplayer survival server. Shame none of my friends are even the tiniest bit interested in playing Minecraft.

    I bought Minecraft and loved it, then I got hacked so I had to restore my computer to factory settings and delete everything from all the websites I go to because they had been hacked too. This includes my emails so now I have no Mincraft and no record of haveing it, bit stupid of me but I have emailed the guy who made it a few times and he has not replied :( Shattered

    Absolutely love playing minecraft, a true gaming experience~!

    Indeed great concept great game.

    I love it when people do stuff entirely new and different.

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