Lying And Cheating — Also Hunting And Horse Racing — In Red Dead Redemption

Eight screens from Red Dead Redemption's forthcoming "Liars and Cheats" free-roam DLC hit Friday evening. They show off the new multiplayer characters and game modes that will be available when the pack releases Sept. 21.

Multiplayer poker is one of the new diversions available. Marshal Johnson is a playable character.

"Stronghold" also is a new multiplayer combat mode. Here the blue team defends its safecracker.

Dutch van der Linde and Edgar Ross make a fine pair.

Storming the gang hideout of Venter's Place.

Multiplayer horse racing is a new feature. Competitors include Irish, John Marston, Marshal Johnson and Professor MacDougal.

More Stronghold action.

Four new Hunting Grounds are included. This one is "Broken Tree."

Bill Williamson is also available for multiplayer use with Liars and Cheats.


    I know John Hillcoat did his little Machinma film of Read Dead, but I'd love to see a Proposition DLC for the game too.

    ... and I can't help feeling that you should have dogs playing poker in those first shots.

      or people with dog heads playing poker - wasn't that a 'feature' some people found in the game? :p

      (and if you lose you could always lean the wrong way to catapult the table up through the ceiling)

      I'd say something about difficulties reading a poker face if your competitor turns invisible but I'd have hoped that was patched long enough ago for such jokes to be redundant and tacky (PC gamer here so don't know what the support track record has been like beyond glitch videos)

    So need to go back and continue playing this... though will finish Mafia II first...

    “Liars and Cheats” DLC looks great. Can't Wait for the release. Thanks "Rockstar".

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