Magnanimous: The Latest Atomic MPC

In the spirit of trying new things (of which there will be more and more in the coming weeks), we've asked Atomic editor David Hollingworth to give us an update on the main attractions of the latest mag that so effortlessly mixes the joy of gaming with the SCIENCE of tech...

So, what’s in issue 117 of Atomic? Where to start...

Okay, let’s go front to back. The first big bit of awesomeness is an in-depth look at the MyEars audio technology, and its claims of delivering true surround sound over headphones without the need for any fancy hardware. We look into the nitty-gritty of psycho-acoustics and more to find out how it works, and even give the system a test. Fascinating, and loud, stuff.

Speaking of loud, there’s also the Atomic Beast – the fastest machine we’ve ever built. More CPU cores than God, RAM out the wazoo, and needing TWO giant PSUs to even turn on, this is a mighty effort from hardware maestro Justin Robinson. What he’s built... scares even me, and we’ve got a full 12 page feature on the project.

Then there’s a NAS roundup, because as boring as storage is, it’s also vital. For our... collections. Of stuff that isn’t porn. Yeah.

On the gaming front, the big stories are our a sneak peak at Fallout: New Vegas and passionate preview of the new F1 2010 racing game, as well as some hands on reports of the new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. But that’s barely scratching the surface of awesome in the issue. It’s on sale now, so get out there get it already!


    Lol, I read this as 'The LAST Atomic MPC' and was thinking 'Oh no, not another games mag going out of business

    Aww give us some detail on the beast, I have no idea whats been goin on with PC hardware since I sold my rig and got a PS3 in 2007 and was hoping for a post that could let me in on the latest tech for free :(

    I like the concept, but needs something else so the advertisement aspect is less in your face... prizes?! ;D

    Buy PCPP too than to get back into the tech and keep it games related. i buy atomic every month these days (never used to) and I have been getting every issue of PCPP for something like 12 years.
    **misses Wildgoose more now. Ateast I have Ant Fordham in the mag still***

      I don't know how many people I'm going to piss off here, but here goes...

      I started reading PCPP from it's very first issue, and then on and off for a couple of years. I picked one up a couple of times in the newsagents and had a flick through a few times in the last 5-10 years while the missus was shopping for a birthday card or something...

      ...and I just cannot believe how bad the journalism had gotten. The writing was horrible, most of it far more crude then it needed to be, every simile seemed to be sexual in nature (which alone is fine...) but graphic beyond reason.

      The magazines lexicon had gone from one I would expect used by an intelligent computer user/gamer to one of a 14 year old 'rudeboy'.

      In all honesty I haven't picked one up for a few years now, 3 or 4 I suppose, and at the same time haven't so much as looked at a Hyper, or an Atomic (not because I dislike them, I was just so shattered that I gave up on magazines altogether).

      Sadly magazines who's journalism I respect most are Rolling Stone, and Playboy (yeah I read it for the articles).

      So tell me anyone who still reads these magazines, have they improved at all? Or am I just stuck in a time capsule and need to wake up?

        Hey all, Atomic's Editor here :)

        Okay... the Beast. If you want a sneak peak, check out,and-the-beast-rumbled.aspx

        As to mag quality... well, I think Atomic's going along pretty well, but I might be biased :) We've still got a solid readership of both old timers who've been with the mag from the first issue, and newcomers who are still discovering the world of high-end tech and gaming. Again, if you're curious, have a look at some of our site articles - a lot of them are taken from the mag, so that'll give you an idea if the writing's what you're looking for.

        And thanks, Junglist, for the awesome pimping opportunity!

          As one of those oldtimers, i concur.

          Atomic still has the right stuff, tho the birthday parties have gone downhill since the 2nd.

    I'd be interested to read their thoughts on the MyEars stuff. To me it sounds like a bit of a con (like surround sound headphones). Quality headphones have always been able to do fantastic positional sound. Just google "virtual haircut mp3" to see that it doesn't require any fancy software or hardware, and it's been around for years.

    Maybe it's a processing power thing, but why can't games just output these effects straight from the game rather than relying on post processing such as MyEars?

    Anything advertised as "true 3D sound" always makes me laugh. As opposed to fake 3D sound!? 2D sound!?


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