Magnanimous: The Latest Hyper

Magnanimous: The Latest Hyper

New Hyper deputy editor Dylan Burns has sent us over an update on their new issue that hit stands recently, and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Catch up on what’s going on in the mag that aims to cover all platforms, genres and gaming subcultures…

So what’s new in the latest Hyper? Take it away, Dylan…

Hyper 204 rocket slides into newsagents with our cover feature and hands-on impressions of Vanquish. The Hyper team also managed to pin down producer Atsushi Inaba and interrogate him about this hi-octane action title.

In Front End, we wax on about the sneaky art of pre-order deals, dedicate 300+ hours of our lives to Pokémon Red, delve under the hood of open source gaming, interview Kick Ass director Matthew Vaughn and more.

Incoming brings us hands-on with some anticipated upcoming titles: Dead Rising 2, Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light, Lost in Shadow and Super Scribblenauts.

*It’s about here that you’ll probably take a break, enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and ruminate on how awesome this time of year is for gaming, before you dive back into our pages for the second half, containing…

Reviews of Mafia II, Kane & Lynch 2, Dragon Quest IX and R.U.S.E. Also, is having a virtual girlfriend better than the real thing? You’ll have to read our pout-heavy import review of Love Plus + to find out.

This just leaves the back of the magazine, the meatiest part. Alex Ritchie looks at Vintage Game Collections, while Alistaire Roche was lucky enough to experience the insanity of GamesCom and reports back on the three best games he saw. Silver Screen gives you bite-sized round ups of the latest films, and on page 96 we ask: “Was a score of 84 the right choice for Call of Duty 2: Big Red One?”

The issue is on stands now so berate your local newsagent if you don’t see it. Looking forward to chatting to you in the forums, on Twitter and via email!


  • I would love to have Hyper forums as an unofficial kotaku forum. That place is dying and needs an injection of fresh faces.

  • Currently in the process of deciding whether or not Hyper is better than Game Informer (AU). With Hyper being double the price GI is hard to beat though…

    • Of course you get what you pay for. Hyper, a real piece of games journalism vs. a cheap retailers catalog? No competition.

  • Nice! But as a loyal Gameboffin fan, I can’t help noticing that Sir Dylan’s last name is spelled “Burns” not “Byrns.” 🙂

  • I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth after their piece on the fighting game tournament ‘Rocky’ was reduced to nothing but Street Fighter talk, ignoring the other fighters, including the ones with a larger turnout :/

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