Man Loses Linux Court Case Against Sony

An Australian man has lost a court case he brought against Sony after the company removed the "Other OS" feature from its PlayStation 3 consoles.

Michael Trebilcock, from Adelaide in Australia's south, had sought AU$800 in compensation (ie the cost of his console) from Sony, claiming that the Japanese company's decision meant that he could no longer use his PS3 in the manner he had purchased it for.

A magistrate from Holden Hill Magistrates Court in South Australia has, however, ruled against Mr. Trebilcock after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission decided that Sony was within its rights to rescind the Other OS feature.

It wasn't a devastating loss for the man, though; while he won't get his $US800 back, he won't have to pay Sony's legal fees, either.

Aussie gamer loses Playstation court fight [ABC]




    *then in-kicks "Hunger" by Spectre General*


      I approve of this reference in every way humanly possible.

    If he only wanted Linux, he had the option of not upgrading. If he wanted to use both than yeah he had a problem. But I'm sure the EULA said they could turn off whatever they want when they want.

      EULA is not law binding.

      but still I reckon he's probably kicking himself thinking why he didn't just buy a new linux rig before wasting legal fees.

        I think you will find its because it was more about the principal of the matter as opposed to actually losing linux

        He's obviously pulling it for the money, you don't buy a PS3 as a PC, or a Linux letalone.

          He's not doing a very good job asking for money, if all he requested was the cost of the console...

          Besides, some people think PS3s are actually very good as Linux computers.

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