Mario Creator Has Always Wanted To Draw Comics & Design Puzzles

Legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto has been making video games for decades now, but he's a talented guy. He can do more than just design games. He also fancies himself as an artist, and wants to take on Professor Rubik.

In an "Iwata Asks" Q&A over on Nintendo's official site, Miyamoto - speaking with Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi- reveals that he's long has the inventor of the Rubiks Cube in his sights.

"For quite some time, I have viewed Professor Rubik, who created the Rubik's Cube, as a sort of rival. I've always thought it would be cool to create something like a Rubik's Cube. I've told lots of people about that", he says.

"For 20 years, I've always thought that Rubik's Cubes are great and I want to make something like them, but I still haven't tried to. So I must be taking it easy. Regardless of whether I can or cannot do it, I could at least give it a shot, but I never have."

On the topic of alternate career paths and lifelong laments, Miyamoto says "Similarly, I've always said that I wanted to become a manga artist. One time, I suddenly thought I could still do it if I wanted. So I declared to Tezuka-san that I would try drawing a simple four-frame comic strip. I drew a rough layout for one and showed it to him, and he said it was good, but I haven't done anything since. (laughs) Really, making Mario games is easier."

Easy? A thousand creators who have worked hard on a thousand platformers forgotten in Mario's shadow just whimpered.



    Best response ever. Miyamoto's showing a bit of muscle :P

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