Marvel Vs Capcom 3: A New Challenger

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: A New Challenger
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This lovely new cinematic trailer for Marvel vs Capcom 3 has Captain America, Chun-Li, Viewtiful Joe, Amaterasu, Iron Man, Felicia and….oh, hello, someone new.

Don’t want to watch the vid to find out who it is? Scroll down…

…yes, that’s Tron Bonne, Capcom’s cutest ever robot driver and star of 2000’s The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. I’d long hoped for Baby Head’s inclusion in this game, but Tron Bonne is pretty damn close. Close enough for me, at any rate!


    • I think Spiderman is a pretty sure thing. The only question is which Spiderman (or men) they use. If Superskrull made it in then hopefully we should see another huge roster like Marvel vs Capcom 2 had (not quite as easy to pull off as 2D sprite sheets, but I’m optimistic).

        • On top of that, both Spidey and Strider Hiryu appeared on a official MvC3 arcade stick shown at E3, giving even more evidence that they’ll be in.

    • I’m also hoping for frank west. I LOVED him in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but being on the Wii and starring an obscure Japanese property meant that it’s lifecycle here in the west was pretty limited. MvC3 looks like it could rise to the likes of SF, Tekken and SSBB and be a staple fighter.

  • Why don’t they make a movie usingthisengine !?!?
    Instead of getting crap Studio 4C and Gonzo to do cheap and boring anime flicks ??

  • Tronne bonne in the game? WOW! then i can only begin to fathom other capcoms peeps that could be in. i am sure alot of other peeps are gonna be pissed she is in claiming she is worthless and took a spot for other game characters ( like chaos legion folks uuuhg) but neverless whoever is in or out i am still buying the game regardless.

  • Hardly new – Tron Bonne was in Marvel v Capcom 2.

    Didn’t realise that there’s only about 30 characters in the line up until I read these comments. Thats very disappointing, considering MvC2 had over 50 characters, which was more than double the 20-odd line up of MvC. MvC3 should have, like, 100 characters!

    • Quite a lot of inclusions in MvC2 were throw away characters that they hadn’t bothered to balance. In this game they are intending to make everybody usable which would be quite difficult with the team dynamic.

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