Mass Effect 2's Lair Of The Shadow Broker Looks Romantic

It's a strange thing to be getting excited about Mass Effect 2 in September, eight months after most of us first played it.

Yet a constant stream of downloadable content, some of it OK, some of it pretty damn good, has kept people hooked on the continuing adventures of Commander Shepard, something BioWare are hoping to continue with the game's latest piece of DLC, Lair of the Shadow Broker.

As you can see from the trailer, this looks like a sizeable chunk of content, including not just ground combat but some vehicular sections as well. It'll also be nice dealing with something that relates to the story of the series' core characters, rather than some peripheral series of events.

Lair will be out September 7 on Xbox Live and PC.


    Sweet, I thought I was gonna have to wait until 3 to rekindle the flame!

    I am somehow now looking forward to this DLC more then Halo: Reach this month. This is simply going to be epic.

      Dude, its ME2. ME > Halo. Hell, anything > Halo. Then again, you probably are an Xbox gamer hey.... poor you.....

        LOL - If anything i am a PC fanboy. I have always liked ME over halo but to like a 3-5 hour DLC over an entire retail game is something that dosen't happen often.

          Lol I like that. He mentions Halo so you flame him. Looks good, will have to reboot one of my Chars

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