Master Chief In Halo: Reach After All

Colour me surprised, especially since I played through the game twice and didn't notice him, but the Master Chief does appear to make a quick cameo in the end of Halo: Reach.

Be warned if you don't want the game SPOILED for you, don't watch the above video.

If you don't care, press play and be delighted. I checked with some sources in the know who seem to think this is a legitimate Easter Egg. Well played, Bungie. And great find Achievement Hunters.

Halo Reach: Master Chief is in Reach "Easter Egg" [Achievement Hunter]


    I suddenly feel an urge to play this game. ODST had zero interest for me, but might have to drag out the 360 to give this a bash.

    hahaha wow. I went through the game quick with my mate and didn't notice that. On my legendary playthrough atm, so will have to keep an eye out for it :)

    Halo nerd alert: that's more likely Linda - who MC dragged back on board the PoA after she was shot :).

      considering how badly bungie raped the canon of the books, I wouldn't count on it. do you think the average halo fan would even know other spartans besides Master Chief? this was obviously thrown in there as in easter egg for the fans, so we can safely assume it is master chief.

    Um... if this was based around the fall of Reach book, then no surprise.

    thanks for the spoilers, dick head.

    completely missed it. I was also wondering at that point in the game what was going to happen to Noble six and I thought they also handled that in a really cool way. Was not expecting more playable content after the credits. Even works with co-op.

    "Be warned if you don’t want the game SPOILED for you, don’t watch the above video."

    Um Kotaku, you spoilt it with the title of this article. What if someone was playing the game and saw Master Cheif and was like "holy crap! i didnt know he was in it!"

    I havnt watched your attached video, so dont know if the article is a bit of a joke etc. But if he 'IS' in the game, now i'll be expecting him to be so when i eventually do discover when or where he appears, it wont be as enjoyable because you guys have now ruined it.

      Well you wouldn't actually see the Master Chief unless you knew to hold down the right stick during a certain cinematic. So yes, now you'll be expecting to see him, but you won't, unless you know how to.

      Though the video thumbnail is a massive spoiler. o_o

    Uh...SPOILERS usually include:

    - TWIST giveaways

    - CHARACTER (That is unexpected to appear) giveaways

    - PLOT giveaways

    You hit two out of three, three including the video (if played).

    Well done. Idiot.

    Warning - Another Halo story point. (And game spoilers)

    Clear something up. Read the Halsey journal that came with the Legendary edition. Towards the end, the pages that are written during the events of the game it is revealed that the Cortana you carry in the last mission is just an sub-routine that needs to be reattached with the main AI which is already with the Chief and Keyes. So the Chief and Cortana's test run happens during the events of the invasion of Reach/game. A sub-routine was left to analyse the forerunner artifact and acquire the coordinates to Halo. So when Cortana gets the information of the subroutine's research when they are reattached. This is the same thing Cortana did in the novel First Strike.

    Also the Halsey journal page of the Forerunner 'Time bending shard' was a nice touch.
    Tonnes of other plot holes in the game though. :(

    That looked very reminiscent of MGS3 where you can see the sorrow at the end of the virtuous mission. I love these kind of easter eggs

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