Medal Of Honor's Combat Mission Mode In Action

This intense look at Medal of Honor's multiplayer shows off the game's Combat Mission mode.

In the mode, Coalition forces have to take out five consecutive objectives to win. As you clear an objective, the map expands. The mode also has limited respawns, which the game calls reinforcements.

The audio, as with the audio found in my playthrough of the game's helicopter mission, remains a high point for what is shaping up to be a very solid-looking shooter.

Did you notice the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in the video? It can seat both a driver and a gunner. How about those Taliban you're fighting against? Yeah, I didn't notice that either.


    Pre-planned multiplayer "matches" makes the game seem much more epic than it actually is >_>

    Anyone else reckon the player was just about to die before they cut to the title?

    will multiplayer really be that intense? It seemed it a little too staged...

      It liiked a little staged to me as well.

      Try playing battlefield or Bad company 2. Also made by Dice. This is typical game play from these games. Looking great

        pat has it spot on check out battlefield moments and I can tell you playing the game can be just as intense if not more:

      Everyone saying it looks staged (not just on this site) has obviously been playing too much MW2.

      Bad Company 2 was like this, especially when you played with a squad who communicated with eachother and moved together.

      This vid looks a lot like what a "Bad Company 3" probably would've look like, only it's releasing a year and a bit early!

    The idea of taking out different objectives, and the map expanding after each one is achieved, with limited respawns? Sounds a different version of rush mode from Bad Company 2. Not that that's a bad thing.

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