Medal Of Honor's Gunfighters, Uncut

I walked readers through Medal of Honor's lone Apache helicopter level during GamesCom earlier this month. Here's your chance to see it, uncut, for yourself.

Electronic Arts says this video is an uncut, unedited video meant to "show our audience what they can expect when Medal of Honor launches on October 12".


    Now to wait till October...

    The things I like from this: The textures on every thing! Really gritty and pretty close to the real thing.

    The things I don't like from this: Exploding buildings, one minute they are there, the next they are just a shell... no rubble flying everywhere, or rubble laying around after the explosion.

    Granted this game isn't quite finished yet, but I would be surprised if things like that were polished up.

    The movement of the helo was too jaggedy, not smooth like one irl, also an apache wouldn't be that close to the area they are engaging.

      guess they never played dcs black shark

    i think i'll wait, but thanks anyway

    Sigh, that was retarded, hovering in circles over a hostile village that appeared to have more bad guys than houses?

    No civilians?

    Apaches that are carrying 200+ hydras and 8000+ rounds of 30mm?

    RPG's that seem to track the helos?

    Gah, this just makes me want to boot up Arma 2 Arrowhead and show people what it's meant to be like.

      Yeah was thinking the same thing. Maybe its that ive been playing too much A2 lately but god it looked horrible. I understand its not meant to be completely realism but this is going towards arcade mode.

    apaches armed with nerf guns. nice.

    Wait...uncut? gibs in sight.
    I see the stupid ragdolls of the beta made it all the way into the final product.
    Also destruction looks rubbish.

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