Meet Magnatron, World's Largest Skill Tester

Gizmodo currently has a post about a 10 story tall skill tester. The main prize? A Toyota Hilux - if you can snatch it out of the Magnatron, that is.

Check it out.


    I would hate to see how much it costs for a go, considering normal Skill Testers are about $2.

    Great marketing. They don't even need to go ahead with the campaign now, they are getting enough press as it is.

    If it drops that car doesn't it break the car and several things beneath it?

      that's the thing about hilux's; you can't kill them. they even survive demolition buildings. Here watch these:

      Part 2-
      Part 3-

    when youve finished building it you don't have to pack up the crane - my kinda construction

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