Microsoft Responds To Halo: Reach Disc Read Errors

Yesterday we reached out to Microsoft regarding reports from many readers that their Halo: Reach discs were causing a disc read error, making the newly launched game unplayable. Today Microsoft responds.

We mentioned the issue yesterday in our post about the inability of 4GB Xbox 360 consoles to play cooperative multiplayer in Halo: Reach and have been eagerly awaiting a response from a very busy team at Microsoft. It took 24 hours, but the company finally issued a statement regarding the issue to Kotaku.

"We are aware of a very small number of customers reporting that their copy of Halo: Reach is causing a disc read error. Those affected should contact Microsoft customer support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX for troubleshooting assistance."

If you called support previously and were directed back to your retailer to return the disc, call support again now that they know what's what.


    A very anticipated game for many Halo fans. Would be fumming if this happened to me.

    Hasn't this happened with other Halo games with the discs being scratched or damaged before the customer gets to play it?

      yep, when i got Halo 3 the disc had a ring of scratches around it and wouldn't work.

    I'll bet any money it is the printing on those discs.

    Seems outrageous but when the printing is lopsided some drives simply get speed wobbles and the disc is unreadable.

    You'd be suprised how many manufacturered discs display this tiny issue. You would think they'd learn to design the disc with 'balanced weight'.

    I worked retail many moons ago and this happened a fair bit with new releases. Often the artwork on the disc isn't final and this issue can pop up.

    Anyone know what the issue was causing it?

      Probably a combination of flakey drives and borderline discs. First thing I do with any game is install to HD, reads the entire disc and any error is raised then and there.

    I've had this a few times, nothing a retry doesn't fix though so it aint that bad.

    so glad this didn't happen to me. it did for halo odst and i raged. it never got fixed either so i had to buy a second copy of the game. grrrrr.

    I just called Xbox customer support and they were very helpful in diagnosing the problem. They are also replacing my copy of the game for little to no cost. All i have to do is pay the shipping to send in my deffective disc, and with the postal service's flat rate shipping, thats not too much to ask for. If you are having problems like i was i suggest you do the same.

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