Milla Jovovich, Co-Stars Try Speaking Resident Evil Game's Worst Lines

Can the actors of the Resident Evil movies do a better job reading lines for the first Resident Evil game than the PlayStation classic's original voice actors did? MTV gave Milla Jovovich and co-stars a chance to try.

If you're not region-blocked by MTV's video player, you can watch the stars of the new movie Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D deliver the classic "master of unlocking" line and other verbal disasters that helped make Resident Evil so frightful.

I don't think they make things much better. Blame the Resident Evil game's writers?

'Resident Evil' Movie Actors Read Quotes From The First Game [MTV Multiplayer blog]


    Jill....they all looked retarted doing those lines.... Jill? Jiiiiiiiiiilllllllll!!

    I'd love to see them have a go at making the dialogue from Resident Evil 4 not-awful.

    Srsly, I'd have left Ashley there until she learnt to STFU.

    I didn't think it was possible but they somehow made them worse.

    Still better than the movies atleast.

    God, the black guy was horrible. How is he even an actor. At least Milla Jovovich was a little decent

    Can someone, like, make Ali Larter disappear or something? She's an awful actress and we'd all be happier if we never had to see her ever again.

    And no "Jill Sandwich?"

    Nice video, and the guy saying "Chris' blood" was absolutely hilarious :P

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