Minecraft Creator Hiring Help, Working On New Game

Markus Persson, aka Notch, the man behind current cult darling Minecraft, has revealed that he's about to get a little more serious, setting up a studio and hiring some help to work on a new game.

He's gone into business with a "close friend" and will be bringing on some more developers to work on a game that "will be developed in parallel with Minecraft, and has a fairly different style both in visuals and gameplay".

This title is based on a "game idea he and I have talked about for a few years". So no, it's not Minecraft 2. For those worried about the fate of Minecraft, Persson says he will continue to work on the game "just as I have now". He'll just have some help, is all.

Hiring some people, getting an office, and all that! [World of Notch, via Big Download]


    Considering Notch's involvement as a lead developer in the survival/sandbox MMORPG Wurm Online (http://www.wurmonline.com/) for some years prior to Minecraft, it does make me wonder if he is going back to his roots and redeveloping a similar concept but with considerably more capital this time.

    Either way, I look forward to what Notch has to offer!

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