Minecraft Sells 100,000

Minecraft, the world-building cult hit from Markus Persson, has now sold over 100,000 copies of its paid version. Impressive! [thanks Tristan!]


    so he was a 'one man band'?
    was selling it for 10 euros?

    so now he's an (almost) instant millionaire?


      Great! Now support Natural Selection 2!

    crap about 2 weeks ago he had only sold 60,000

    Wow. This is getting out of hand. although, personally, I think he deserves every cent. It's great to see such unique, independent games becoming so successful.
    Notch wrote on his blog today that he's been in talks with both Bungie and Valve. Possibly there's an impending buyout in the works? Interesting. He's being pretty cagey about it.


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