Missed Scott Pilgrim In Cinemas?


    I'm just wondering if this release also applies to Australian customers cause that Blu-Ray Combo pack is a must have. D:

    November 9?! But that's Black Ops release day! Argh! I'll have to do both at the same time. Or maybe we'll get it on a different day here in Aus. Hopefully there's an awesome special edition Blu-Ray.

    I'm in lesbian with this Movie

    I really wanted to see this at the cinemas but it wasnt around for too long :(
    Totally gonna get this on Bluray :D

    Not soon enough.
    I wanted to go see it last weekend, but its barely showing anywhere ;_;
    Lucky I've already seen it twice I guess =\

    Wow this movie didn't take long to go to DVD...

    Stupid expendables. Terrible movie taking all of SP's rightful box office action.

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