MLB's Latest Flamethrowing Phenom Takes The Video Game Stage

Cincinnati's Aroldis Chapman will be the second rookie to debut as the fastest thrower in all of video game baseball, when he and his 166km/h heater are uploaded to MLB 2K10 sometime later this evening.

Chapman, consistently clocked at more than 160km/h, will arrive on MLB 10 The Show with next week's roster update, a Sony spokesman said. The Reds phenom debuted on Tuesday, won his first game in relief on Wednesday and has been the talk of baseball this week.

"He will have a very high rating compared to other rookies," SCEA's Eric Levine told Kotaku, describing his fastball as a 169km/h blowtorch. "I don't know the exact number until the roster update is online, but he'll of course have an excellent fastball, a slider with tremendous break and a high strikeout rating."

In MLB 2K10, which also won the race to be first with Stephen Strasburg back in June, Chapman "has the fastest fastball in the game," said 2K Sports' Chris Snyder. The team was still scouting his secondary pitches on Friday afternoon to accurately rate them, but Snyder expected the roster to be ready to go in the evening.

Washington's Strasburg smoked 14 batters in his major league debut in June and became a league-wide sensation. But he suffered a torn elbow ligament on August 21, an injury that will need 18 months to rehabilitate. The fascination with Chapman now steps into the hype vacuum left by Strasburg's injury. If he can keep from injuring himself playing Guitar Hero, Chapman could be one to watch as the Reds steam towards just their third playoff appearance since 1979.

Chapman, a 22-year-old Cuban defector, has been clocked at 169km/h in the minor leagues. On Tuesday he retired the first three batters he faced on nine pitches, ranging from 158km/h to 166km/h.

Video games with a group licence from Major League Baseball's players' union must wait until rookies play their first major league game before adding them to the official roster. Some modders already had inserted Chapman into custom roster files as a minor leaguer. Operation Sports' latest roster, from early August (from which the picture above was taken), had Chapman's fastball with 99-rated speed and a slider with ratings of 70 in speed and 60 in break.


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