MMO Shooter Firefall Revealed By Ex-WoW, Tribes Creators

Red 5 Studios, the developer founded by former World of Warcraft team lead Mark Kern, finally unveiled its long-in-the-making online shooter Firefall today. The free-to-play futuristic action game also has a futuristic release date.

Firefall, due "near the end of 2011", takes place on a futuristic earth from the 23rd century, a "lush, dynamic open world" invaded by the disastrous Melding, a "hostile energy storm" that engulfs the planet. Making matters worse, an alien race known as The Chosen comes a calling, forcing humanity to band together in a large-scale, free-to-play online battle.

Class-based combat is the name of the game in Firefall, which focuses on competitive multiplayer and massive cooperative play. Players wear "high-tech battleframes" that can be customised by players with optional enhancements - supporting that free-to-play online model.

Firefall taps into the talents of Mark Kern, former lead developer of Blizzard's World of Warcraft, and Scott Youngblood, former lead designer on Tribes.

See how Firefall is shaping up in the first released screenshots and concept art for the online game.

Firefall screenshots

Firefall concept art


    Wow. That looks too awesome.

    Powerarmour and jetpacks. I'm in. Where do I put my money?

    Looks awesome, who did the concept art?

    Hot damn this is an amazing first impression.

    Will play if it has local server(s).

    Gameplay vid:

    If this is anything like APB ie requiring sub 200ping connections. Say good bye to playing this if your an Aussie.

    Red 5? Weren't these the guys that licensed the project offset engines a few years back?

    From wikipedia

    On February 28, 2006, Red 5 Studios announced that Webzen will be publishing an as-of-yet unannounced MMOG, using the Offset Engine.[6] The game, which has been described as a "team-based action shooter", is expected to be revealed at PAX Prime 2010 in September.[7]

    This looks like borderlands crossed with WoW crossed with Mass Effect. I hope this one is good, but even if it is crap. People will play it because it is free.

    This makes me wonder how long they can upkeep the servers and updates if no one pays a cent....

    This looks so good! I just can't wait.

    wow great artwork. WOW

    show support for an oceanic server !!

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