Mobile Guild Chat Coming To World Of Warcraft

Oddly coinciding with ArenaNet's article about allowing players to communicate with guild members using mobile devices, Blizzard reveals that offline mobile guild chat will be coming to World of Warcraft as well. Fancy that!

Yes, soon you won't have to be at your computer to bug the hell out of your World of Warcraft guildies, with an update coming to Blizzard's Mobile Armory app that will allow players to chat all day long on their iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android devices.

The functionality isn't quite free, however, as you'll have to pay a $US2.99 monthly subscription fee for a premium Remote Auction House in order to access guild chat. From the Blizzard blue post:

Coming soon in an update to the Mobile Armory app available in the iTunes App Store and Android Market, this new feature will allow all World of Warcraft Remote subscribers the ability to chat with their guildies right from their mobile device. Access to the guild chat feature is included for no extra charge in the $US2.99 World of Warcraft Remote Auction House premium monthly subscription. In addition, soon after the launch of the mobile version we're planning on adding the ability for premium subscribers to use Guild Chat through any browser on the Armory website.

I'll say it again, I'm not sure this sort of functionality is a good idea. Hardcore World of Warcraft players don't need to be immersed in the game any more than they already are.

Guild Chat Coming Soon to Mobile Armory [MMO Champion - Thanks John!]


    Maybe they will all finally starve to death or something, it will be like a population detox!

    haha its funny to see this

    and now when GW2 releases all the WoW morons will be like oh look their stealing our idea's again even though it was shown behind closed doors at PAX plus theirs is free(It's the only way id ever use such a service)

    The sad reality is it doesn't matter if Blizzard charges for this, the drip feed addicts will plug their credit cards right into it.

    I think this is best put in:

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