Modern Warfare 2 Was More Popular Than Reach In Its Launch Week

It wouldn't be a big surprise if Halo: Reach was the No.1 title on Xbox Live during its launch week. It's a big-ass game after all. But that was not the case, as some corrected numbers show.

Yesterday, Xbox Live community guru Larry Hryb - Major Nelson to most folks - published the weekly list of the 20 most popular titles (according to unique users) on Xbox Live, showing Halo: Reach at No.1. Today, the Major discovered he'd made a maths goof and corrected the list: Modern Warfare 2 was in fact the most popular game during Reach's launch.

Hyrb notes that Halo: Reach, which released on Sept. 14, was available only six of the week's seven days. However, Halo 3 was in third place.

(I note that eight of the top 20 are either sports titles or demos, including the FIFA 11 demo at No. 5 and, notably, the Pro Evolution Soccer Demo at No. 19.)

For its part, Bungie posted its own set of numbers this afternoon - showing more than 70 million games have been played, 20 million daily challenges have been completed, and 5901 years have been spent in online games. And, "our sources tell us that we've been the number one title on Xbox Live for the last seven days."

Live Activity List Update [Major Nelson]


    However it breaks down Bungie must be pretty stoked to have two games in the top 3. No mean feat for any developer.

    Personally I'm more interested in how the non Infinity Ward next Call of Duty game will stack up on the charts.

      Don't think many people other than the people who actually follow the news of games even know it's developed by different studios.

    Makes sense, a lot of people own and still play MW2 and this metric is based on unique users. Concurrent users is a different story and I've seen Reach hitting 700-800k online, while MW2 has died down a fair bit and Halo3 was pretty spiky as it was before Reach.

    Well, Reach doesn't have a Tactical Insertion armor ability to allow players to sit in the corner getting killed by a friend until he launches a Nuke.

    Reach doesn't recycle everything from the previous game in the series either. Nor is it broken like CoD.

    Its a shame so many people have a negative look on Halo just cuz its Halo.

    Alot of people refuse to play it due to the fact its "Over hyped" and a "Bad series"

    COmpared to COD which is a much longer game series (but still with alot of ups and downs)

    Not a surprise.

    Any idiot can pick up COD, put up some okay numbers and think they're doing well.

    Reach actually has a skill gap.

    As someone who isn't a fan of the Halo series (due to the overly crappyness of two and three); I have to say that Reach is actually quite a decent game and is waaaaaayyyyyy better than MW2. Man MW2 sucked so much dick, It's one of the only games I've ever regretted buying.

    If they bring Reach to PC they might get a few more players but I doubt such a cool thing would happen.

    Loving the fanboy rage against MW2

    Well most people play though the campaign first.

    To the comment above above get your data straight

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