Monster Hunter Bundle Includes Fanny Pack

And who doesn't love fanny packs?

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will be released in Japan on December 1. The game will sell a bajillion copies, and the entire nation will buy it.

Those shopping on Capcom's online shop have an opportunity to buy more than the game. They can get a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd bundle that comes with a fetching fanny pack and earphones. Capcom is also throwing in a mobile phone strap to boot!

Yours for ¥7300 ($94).


    Hehehehehehe... "Fanny"... :P

    he he, fanny. You silly americans, you do know what a fanny is :)


    You might want to clarify that you mean a pack that sits over an "ass".


    Implies it sits over a vagina.
    (See: UK definitions.)

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