More About Resident Evil 6 "Soon"

Capcom, the studio behind Resident Evil, loves sequels. That's fine, people love Capcom sequels. How does another Resident Evil game sound?

While in Spain, Capcom's Keiji Inafune apparently said Capcom wants Resident Evil 6 on the market as soon as possible and that there would be news about Resident Evil 6 "shortly".

This isn't the first time that Capcom has raised Resident Evil 6. The game is a complete reboot. Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi will not be returning for the sixth entry in the series.

Entrevista con Keiji Inafune [3DJuegos via NeoGAF]


    Perhaps they will announce plans to adopt the movie continuity for future games.

    Excited but cautious after RE5.

      Yeah 5 was a big disappointment for me.

      Hope 6 is the new 4 ...

        Completely agree with you, chazs123.

        RESIDENT EVIL 4 was such an unbelievably well balanced and challenging game. My brother, who has been an avid RESIDENT EVIL fan from the first game, who loved the pacing of 1-3, and who thought that the action orientated 4th would spoil the series - even he was highly impressed.

        If RESIDENT EVIL 6 will be anything like RESIDENT EVIL 4 then I will snap that s**t up, DAY 1.

          i agree with u fully, if RE6 is anything like 5 il b down the shop the minute it opens... i love RE full stop!

      I disagree, I thought 5 was one of the best RE's! I actually liked it more than 4. It still wasn't as good as 3 though (my personal favourite)

    Just as long as you can move and shoot I'll be happy. Only thing that stopped RE5 from being a good game.

    Can we please have zombies back!!

      Yeah, I'm growing quite tiresome of these parasites who's heads explode into tentacles when you shoot them. I just want to shoot zombies in the head, is that too much to ask, Capcom?

    RE5 had great graphics and was extremely fun when I bought it from a bargain bin and played it for a laugh with a friend co-op.

    *Puts glasses on*
    While my excitment is at an all time high, I'd like to point out the level on intelligence of the general population of Earth with each version of Resident evil series.

    4 considered classic and by far one of the greatest, if not 'THE' greatest gamecube games. It was still hit with minor public backlash for the amount of swearing the infected were saying in another language. My brain still hurts from that.

    Then came 5. Long story short people were shocked. Feelings were hurt and Capcom stocks fell. Wether you were on the "Capcom or a bunch of racists" bandwagon or "There isn't anything wrong here your over-reacting"

    I hope and pray that Capcom keep experimenting with the series. 4 was amazing step forward, 5 was interesting improvement on new gameplay but with a loss. A loss which it appears i'm one of the few to notice.

    That loss is the fear that this series brought. I still have nightmares and freakout anytime utters the word "stars" but you know...droning it out emotionlessly.

    While that seems hypocritical of me to one minute say "keep messing with the formula" to "Back in my day it used to..." But I bought into this "Survival-Horror" series and ended in a "Action 3rd Person Shooter"

    But I digress...

    *takes glasses off*

    Please tell me they're bringing back wesker

      Yes I realised I made a spelling error...all I have to say is...I'm on a horse. Beat that

      WESKER! WESKER! WESKER! WESKER! why do they just keep killin him off! Imho the story after 4 just begins to get a tad wonky.

    That screenshot looks like it's set in Africa again :(

    Expectations are set to low

      Actually Nath that pic is from the first resident evil 5 trailer so it's likely it's not going to be in africa and that they haven't done anything except plan it out. So RAISE THEM EXPECTATIONS! I command's a cookie ^^

    Personally, I would like to see 6 more like "Lost in Nightmares". It had the new camera system from 5+6, and had the old school puzzle style element to it. It even had cranks and used a fireplace!

      Oops, obviously that was supposed to say 4+5, not 5+6.

    I agree, if it's like Lost In Nightmares, then I will definitely buy it. Old school atmosphere and creepiness, but with new innovation. But I do really hope they don't just recycle the old system from RE5.

    give me Jill Valentine and I'll buy it...

    lol, didn't we hear that Capcom was gonna spend 8 years developing the next RE game (which I think they said a couple of years ago, when RE5 came out), and was gonna release it in 2016 or something ridiculous. And now they're saying they want to release it asap. Hmmm
    I say, take your time. But not 8 years. That's ridiculous. I can wait until 2013 but not 2016 please.


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