Morons Arrested Stuffing Games Down Pants

Four men from New York City have been arrested after going on a video game-stealing rampage along the East Coast of the United States.

Rodney McCreary, Gilberto Matos, Derrella Winfrey and Wilfredo Matos were caught by police when an off-duty cop saw them stuffing video games down their pants at a Toys 'R Us in Annapolis.

This officer followed them to their car, saw the four men leave then called in some on-duty cops to make the bust. When police searched the men's car, though, they found a lot more than just a few games from a single Toys 'R Us.

Instead, they found 219 video games, along with road maps and a long list of Toys 'R Us stores along the entire East Coast. Police are now investigating which stores on the maps had already been robbed and which hadn't, while the four alleged perpetrators have been released on $US50,000 bond.

Game over for 4 theft suspects [HomeTownAnnapolis, via Game Politics]


    Winfrey must be the gamer amongst them.

    They must use those to lure kids or something.

    Surely the boxes are empty on the shelves or the alarms would go nuts when they walk out with the games?

    I wanted to make some joke about their crotches being cuboid-shaped...

    Just another reason NOT to buy second hand games ;p

      Haha, so thats why there was a pube in my used instruction manual...

    in the states it would have been simply reported "black and Hispanic gang terrorize and pillage shops"

    ... either way, they are damn stupid - especially hitting multiple stores in a single day...

    Winfrey: "My friends call me Coach!"

    "Yo Bubs, Shove these games down yo MC Hammer Pants, so we can go pick up some Yellow-tops"

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