My, What A Lovely Box You Have, Mario

Please, Nintendo, release the Mario 25th anniversary collection in the West. Not for the games, we've got those, thanks. Just for the box.

This fetching art adorns the special bundle for Nintendo's Mario 25th Anniversary bundle for the Wii, which includes Super Mario All Stars (a compilation of early Mario games first released on the Super Nintendo), a soundtrack CD and a DVD detailing the history of Nintendo's mascot.

It'll be out October 21 in Japan, and cost ¥2500 ($32).


    Just a pity that considering the capacity of the Wii disks that it doesn't include much more of the Mario Gaming Universe (like Dr. Mario, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Paper Mario..)

    A pretty box does nothing to hide the fact that it's just a re-release of a 17 year-old game with a smattering of extras one would find on a movie DVD. Seriously Nintendo, you can do better. You are quite clearly demonstrating how little you think of your fanbase. To quote Yahtzee Croshaw "As I have said time and again, Nintendo is a company that does altogether too much **nking off of its old franchises. That might be fine while the Wii is riding high, but all it will take is a few more Virtual Boys and they'll **nk the whole company away."

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