Malaysia Gets Its Halo: Reach On

You may be prepping to go stand in a line somewhere, but some international gamers already got their copy. Take Mylasia and these folks at Gamer's Hideout in the Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya. See more here. [Thanks Chapree]


    Where do so many people get those MC outfits anyway??

      Hey Dirk, good arcitle and correct on many points, but it’s lacking the hard data to support your arguments. One comment I will make very quickly regarding the survey of only a couple of hundred people ‘in one of the most tech literate cities in the World – San Francisco’. This survey was a farce, it was done in the middle of the day when only tourists were around and secondly the ‘QR Code’ he had on his sign was way to big and had too much data in it to be easily scannable. I only highlight this survey out of the other examples because it’s so frustrating that the writer conducting the survey didn’t even know how to use the tech properly!Regarding ‘hard data’ of actual results for campaigns. At we focus on placing our tags on product packaging and connecting brands to their customers after the sale with rewarding content. Currently we’re focused heavily on the book publishing industry and have seen our tags placed on all sorts of titles, from teen fiction (La Candy, Vampire Diaries) to serious best sellers (Freakonomincs, Body Confidence) and in all instances we’ve seen fantastic results. In many of our teen focused titles we’re seeing ‘checkin’ rates as high as 20% with the average being 12% of total sales, even our worst performing campaigns have response rates at 4%, that’s of total books sold, i.e. 100,000 copies sold = 12,000 unique visitors. Compare that to response rates to click-thrus on banner ads or Facebook links and you can see this technology works when used correctly. Admittedly to support Andrew Grill’s comments around SMS, a tag is not just a QR code, it is also an SMS Keyword, a short URL and in the future Near Field Communication, but we’re still seeing on average a higher response rate via QR Codes that these other channels, on average twice as many scans as SMS. Fact: QR Codes work.Yes there is still a massive learning curve and yes there are many agencies and marketers doing it wrong, but when used correctly and in the right channel with the right context QR Codes and other mobile technologies like SMS deliver fantastic results. Antony McGregor [email protected]

    I'm not surprised Malaysia is already selling it. I lived there for a year and it was damn near impossible to get legit software. Even DVDs bought from a big chain department store (Jusco) were taped from tv.

      The games at Gamers Hideout are 100% legit. They are possibly the only place for original XBox 360 games. Everywhere else sells modded consoles. I remember going to my nearest shopping complex and asking almost every shop and they are all modded consoles. And Gamers who plays originals can find sanctuary at their Gamers Hideout facebook page. You dont know how much you will get teased by friends who plays modded here.

    Gotta call epic spelling fail on not knowing how to spell "Mylasia".

      Yowzers - and its in the heading and the body of the article as well, so it clearly isn't a typo. Geography fail Mr Crecente.

    "Aren't you a little short for a Spartan?"

      I lol'ed. Haha

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Something's a little off with that ODST's helmet... or his neck is WAY too long?! WTF?! haha

    FAIL: advertising halo reach with halo 3 assault rifle.

    Really reruuscefol blog here! Do you think of most of the content on your own or do you’ve got some help? be straightforward.. lol

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