NBA 2K11 Adjusts Crummy Rating After Player Complains

Washington Wizards' starting centre JaVale McGee (pictured, far right), miffed that NBA 2K11 rated him a 59, complained about it last week over Twitter. 2K Sports responded today that it'll goose up his overall number to at least a 64.

Not only that, 2K Sports Community Manager Ronnie Singh seemed to invite more complaints from McGee's colleagues, with this tweet:

Before McGee gets too fired up, that takes him from the third worst starting centre in the league to tied for the sixth worst. But at least he's past Erick Dampier and a solid seven points north of the Darko zone.

For what it's worth, McGee tried out for and played with the U.S. national team this year and is a young player believed to have good NBA potential. And these are just launch ratings anyway; every sports title these days tracks player progression in real life and adjusts their ratings and attributes through midseason roster updates. So McGee will have the chance to prove how much better he is than this.


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