NBA Elite 11 Gameplay Video Officially Surfaces

Gameplay video for NBA Elite has been conspicuously rare up to now. Yesterday, Operation Sports got its hands on directly captured gameplay video from EA Sports, giving five-minute looks at the flow of the player-vs-player and player-vs-CPU action.

That first video above is a player-on-player game, which OS says took place between NBA Elite producer Novell Thomas and community manager Yaw Obiri-Yeboah. The video below is Thomas, as the Pistons, taking on a CPU-controlled Oklahoma City.

Both games give a long look at the new ESPN presentation in this year's series. They also seem to answer the criticism that the lack of gameplay videos to now meant the game had something to hide. The usual notation, that this is on a pre-release build with some tuning forthcoming, applies here.

NBA Elite 11 OS Exclusive Video: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Detroit Pistons NBA Elite 11 OS Exclusive Video: Milwaukee Bucks @ New York Knicks [Operation Sports]


    See why they have been hesitant - little off ball movement - poor ball physics - poor commentary - poor pass animations - poor fast break play - too many dunks - bad play selection...
    Chained animations look ok though... looks like 2K again this year...

      I could not disagree with you more Munky. I think both Elite and 2K look pretty sweet this year, but I just can't see how you can trash all those things.

      I'm just going to put it down to your obvious 2K fanboy-ism

        Sorry but not true - I've purchased the live series every year except last...

        How am I wrong? - watch the offense in motion and 3 players are constantly standing still, rebounds go straight to the player indicating poor ball physics, how many times did you here "Hand down man down" in the commentary during these vids - I was hoping it would be a step above what these vids show.
        I'll wait for the inevitable demo before choosing which series gets my vote but at this stage 2K looks the goods...

          Do have to say though that the Elite camera angle is far better than last years offerings in 2K...

      Couldn't agree with Munky more, and this isn't from 2K fanboy-ism. The ball movement looks ridiculous, the passing animations don't look real at all, the AI movements are sloppy, post offense/defense looks retarded. If this is an earlier build I'd be more forgiving, but if that's what you're getting for a full RRP.. no way in hell.

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