NBA Elite 11 Gets Fully Custom-Made Soundtrack

Soundtracks in sports titles are typically a compilation of licensed works from recognisable artists. NBA Elite 11 this year changed course, going with a fully custom soundtrack composed by producer 9th Wonder and J. Cole, from Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.

It's the first EA Sports title to have a custom-created soundtrack. "Being the first artist to throw down the full soundtrack for NBA Elite 11 was pretty amazing," 9th Wonder said in a statement released by EA Sports. "I was able to mesh together the two things that I love in life, basketball and music."

J. Cole, who created the game's main theme, called it "an honour" to be a part of the game, calling himself "a big sports video game fan".

This year's game will feature ESPN broadcast presentation, using that network's themes and graphics during the games themselves. 9th Wonder and J. Cole's works will appear in other areas of the game, such as menus, practice and tutorial modes.


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