New Batman: Arkham City Screens Almost Look Too Good To Be True

These 20 new screenshots of Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham City are so impressive, so easy on the eyes that more cynical gamers might cry "Bullshot!" But if you played Arkham Asylum, you know Batman games can look this good.

Batman looks tough. Catwoman looks super sexy. As does the much improved Harley Quinn. Two Face looks revoltingly charred, and the thugs roaming the streets of the new Arkham are loaded with creepy personality. What's not to like?

I suppose Batman: Arkham City's far off release date - it hits in later 2011 - could be filed under unlikable.


    reeoowww..... man does cat woman look sexy or what?!?! Same with Harley for that matter...

    My god i seriously can't wait for this game... The first was awesome and i'm expecting this one to be even better!

    Wow those are awesome! Very looking forward to this

    yeah these screen shots are great, imo Harley looks the most improved.

    Wowsers. This game is looking dark and sinister, just the way batman should.

    Now who would you marry, Catwoman or Harley Quinn... is it a simple case of blonde v brunette? Or is it something deeper? Do you like a crazy bitch with a soft side? or just a crazy bitch?

      Harley would never leave the Joker and you know it.

      I dunno, I think Harley's voice would grate after a while...

        ... and thats why I never watched 'The Nanny'

    Wow. Just ... yeah. Can't wait for this game, I know it'll be awesome.

    I cant wait! Two Face and Mr Freeze! YES!

      Mr. Freeze?? where??

    Wow, I'm uber impressed. I've been wanting to grab the Arkham Asylum GOTY for a few weeks now... Hmmmm, screw saving this week I suppose I'll just waste another $60 on games :P.

    I only just recently got my hands on the first game. This is a day-one purchase for me :)

    Bring back Harley's costume...She looks like a hooker!

    i liked the first Harley better

    sure this costume is more in keeping with the harley of old in the comics

    but AA costume was hotter imo

      noticed she changed hairstyle and dyed the tips red and black, removed purple eye mask, tatoos on her waist and left arm.

      Considering this is supposed to take place shortly after AA, it doesnt make sense for tatoos, i mean how would a criminal like her get close to one? Who knows might not be Harley, though if it is, i hope theres cheat modes to have her in the AA costume :D

        In the trailer she had her Arkham Asylum costume.

    Much Awesome... 2011 is far away, but there are plenty of games til then...

    Harley looks very much like Jeanette from Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines!

      That was one of my first thoughts, too. Not a bad thing in any case!

    Selina is looking tops in those photos, and it seems as if she may actually be helping the Bats.

    Also, Harley is majorly improved over Arkham Asylum.

      Has anyone noticed that Selina (Catwoman) has black hair? Because in the movies I recall seeing her as a blonde.

    Gorgeous. Looks fantastic and just the slightest hint of pastel colouring and simple facial lines to remind us of its comic-book roots.

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