New Capcom Slasher Is The God Of War Of The East

Capcom's press event tonight contained a pleasant surprise: an all-new title from the Japanese developer, going by the name of Asura's Wrath.

It's a multiplatform hack-and-slash title, blending elements of Eastern mythology and religion, including a giant Buddha in space.

The game is still quite early in development, Capcom says.


    The main character guy keeps making the same grunting sound "Unugh!"

      Yeah that same grunting sound was kinda irksome after 2min hopefully they have at least a variety of sound bites.

    God of War of the East?

    "BUUUUUUUUUDDHA!!!! Your son has returned!"

    *checks wiki to see if Buddha had a son*

    "The son you didn't know about!"

      Hahahaha! That's gold!

    Giant Buddha in space? I'm sold.

    There was a hint of SSF4 in there too, haha.

    and I was like "What the... ?!?!"

    Bayonetta did it.

    Do I have to make the first crack about 'being fingered by Buddha'?

    Also, if it's using the Unreal 3 engine is it too much to hope for a PC release?

      It;s from CAPCOM so most likely it will come to PC aswell.

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