New Catherine Trailer Is Horrifically Sexy

Following up on the game's slighty NSFW debut trailer, Atlus' Catherine continues to flaunt its combination of sex and scares in this new trailer for the upcoming HD role-playing game.

While our Japanese contingent scores some much needed rest, Atlus releases the stuff of sexy, sexy nightmares in this new trailer for Catherine, due to be released later this year in Japan. Studio 4C has managed to create the sort of game that's earned my dollars despite me having absolutely no idea what's going on.

Thanks Andrew for passing this along!


    Can't wait.

    Might have to import it though.

    The combination of eroticism and horror hasn't been seen since Silent Hill 2. I wonder if this game can become more than just eye candy for males.

    Here's what happens in the trailer:

    In the cafe with his girlfriend, she asks the protagonist (vincent)"are you hiding anything from me?"

    The trailer then explodes into the montage we know and flash words of "is this love", "When I met her, the bad dreams started".

    The trailer ends with the Vincent on the toilet shocked and finishes off with "ah...but that pose..."

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