New Portal 2 Screens, Fresh From PAX

Valve is at PAX this weekend, showing Portal 2's new multiplayer cooperative mode to the press and public. That means all-new Portal 2 media, fresh from the Penny Arcade Expo.

Kotaku is at PAX 2010 right now and we've seen Portal 2 in co-op multiplayer action. Impressions and video are on the way. For now, enjoy seven new screens plucked from Portal 2's coop mode.

The game is targeting a February 9, 2011, release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.


    Does anyone else see Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street?

    I am amazed of what I am seeing. 2011 is so close, yet so far...

    Assuming that's still the source engine it looks really good, the clean asthetics and eerie lighting make it look great.

    If the folks at Valve come up with anything half as inventive as Portal 1, this game is going to be a blast.

    i got dibz on the blue player
    (want blue portal)

    Somehow this reminds me of 'All is Full of Love' by Bjork.. hehehe.
    Can't wait for this game to come out!

    These are looking very nice, two questions;
    1. Is this going to be a full retail title or an arcade game?
    2. Does anyone know what is happening in the second picture not including the picture above the writing.

    Every time I see those two I can't help but think of the characters they use to advertise M&Ms.

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