New Resident Evil Movie Is 3D From The Ground Up

Most 3D movies were made as 2D movies then just have 3D effects added later. Not Resident Evil: Afterlife!

"I wrote things into this script that I knew would work well in 3D like lots of sets with depth-like tunnels, elevator shafts and big wide landscapes," says Paul W.S. Anderson, the movie's writer, producer and director.

"It's the reason why actress Milla Jovovich has an aeroplane in this movie - so I could shoot over these fantastic glaciers in Alaska with a tiny plane over a huge white landscape."

Interestingly, the Reuters piece containing the interview also says that a 3D game is in the works to complement an upcoming movie called Curandismo, which is "an action-adventure story of an unlikely African-American boy who was born with special healing powers".

"Resident Evil" movie uses 3D to engage viewers [Reuters]


    3-D is a friggen' gimmick. I feel sick trying to watch anything like that nowadays. Used to love it when I was a kid, it was a special event type thing. Marvin the Martian at MovieWorld was awesome. But it's overdone now. And Paul Anderson is a douche that should never get behind a camera again, but since people still watch his movies, he'll keep ruining experiences. Hope to the Force he gives up on Castlevania......

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