New Site Petitions Black Ops Server Monopoly

New Site Petitions Black Ops Server Monopoly

In an effort to show Activision and Treyarch just how popular the idea of a server monopoly is amongst competitive PC gamers, a petition site has sprung up at

Site creator Jack Webster had this to say:

“We hope that this petition can get Treyarch and Activision to ‘wake up’ from the euphoria of Modern Warfare 2, and realize that this is a grave decision for the gaming community. There is a major risk that the launch of Black Ops will be plagued with major issues due to an obvious overselling of infrastructure – especially in countries such as Australia, where there is only a single datacentre which will be expected to host between 300-400 servers.”

Earlier this week we learned that had exclusive rights to host Black Ops servers, and server files won’t be made available to the public. currently has one datacentre in our region (Sydney) which we ping “yellow” to.

There are some unanswered questions on how exactly will handle Oceania though, and Kotaku AU will have more on this story in the next few days.


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