New Site Petitions Black Ops Server Monopoly

In an effort to show Activision and Treyarch just how popular the idea of a server monopoly is amongst competitive PC gamers, a petition site has sprung up at

Site creator Jack Webster had this to say:

"We hope that this petition can get Treyarch and Activision to 'wake up' from the euphoria of Modern Warfare 2, and realize that this is a grave decision for the gaming community. There is a major risk that the launch of Black Ops will be plagued with major issues due to an obvious overselling of infrastructure - especially in countries such as Australia, where there is only a single datacentre which will be expected to host between 300-400 servers."

Earlier this week we learned that had exclusive rights to host Black Ops servers, and server files won't be made available to the public. currently has one datacentre in our region (Sydney) which we ping "yellow" to.

There are some unanswered questions on how exactly will handle Oceania though, and Kotaku AU will have more on this story in the next few days.


    There are some unanswered questions on how exactly will handle Oceania...


      When will developes and publishers learn...what works for consoles does not work for the PC. MAtch making doesnt work on a PC. PC users want to select and have the option to host their own servers.

        Matchmaking works as an option, just not as the only choice.

    Here we go with the petitions and boycotts, again.

        It's worth a try ;)

        Heh, although I've always been curious as to how many of those folks were playing cracked copies...

          I'm pretty sure if they were playing a cracked copy through Steam it would have to be added to Steam as a Non-Steam game and would then have "Non-Steam Game" at the top of the game title.

    here we go again...

    here's an idea, BUY SOMETHING ELSE

    seriously... they are fairly average shooters by PC historical standards... tell activision to take a hike!

    I loved MW single player, but I still haven't bought MW2, still $100? screw that! it doesn't have to be an emotional decision. it is simply a BAD deal.

      What's worse is that the original Modern Warfare is still $100 at most retailers...

      I don't think it will ever be seen in the bargin bin for $20-30 or so...

    I don't think the PC community is ever happy.
    And if you had a decent PC why would you even bother playing COD on it, how about playing a FPS that was designed for PC's not consoles. Activision does not care about you, the minority, they care about the gamer who games on consoles because thats where the money is.

      Why because you console faces get all the games that should be made for pc crysis 2 anyone

      ahem... FPS is designed for pc, therefore your argument is flawed.

      As I've said before, I don't see a distinction between "PC gamers" and "console gamers". I just see anyone who plays games as a "gamer".

      That said, COD started out on the PC, and it was made great by people playing it on PC. Over time, as it has become more and more a cash cow, it has been aimed more at the console market, which is where the real money is. This is why people get upset. They feel that they helped make these games great in the first place, and the developer/publisher of said game should at least acknowledge their fan-base by, you know, not doing stupid things like this.

    Why buy the same game twice a year anyway, espescially when it gets worse with every iteration.

    Because petitions and boycotts have worked so well in the past. Something more extreme needs to happen...violence usually works well.

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